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Next steps… the ERA March and Rally to the US Capitol

Dearest Friends,

Bishop Joe Morris Doss celebrates the Eucharist at the Blessing of the ERA Walkers at St. Stephen and The Incarnation, Washington DC

On Women’s Equality Day, August 26, 2015, Bishop Joe Morris Doss celebrates the Eucharist at the Blessing of the ERA Walkers at St. Stephen and The Incarnation, Washington DC.  Photo Credit: Everett Barnes

I was deeply moved by the commitment of those whom made the August 26, 2015 – Women’s Equality Day – Blessing, March, and Rally a smashing success, for photo’s Click Here. I was touched by all the lovely tokens of affection, gifts, and awards bestowed on me.  I simply did not expect that.  When I heard US Senator Cardin’s and US Representative Speier’s statements I was moved to tears.  It went to the core of why I have walked so many miles.  So my prepared speech went right out the window and the story of my father whom I have rarely spoken of and how he was treated as a coloured man in this country and called a “nigger” a word I own not with pride but with a sad and heavy heart. And what I felt called to speak to is a country so divided by classism, racism, and sexism, a country whose people would so greatly benefit by passage of the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution.

Equal Rights Amendment Rally at the US Capitol

Equal Rights Amendment Rally at the Upper Senate Park Area 2 at the US Capitol. From left to right William Van Horn (Staffer Senator Cardin’s Office) Charles Clymer, Joz Wang, Sarah Kurtz, Taylor Neuville, Helene de Boissiere-Swanson, Dr. E. Faye Williams, Molly Fishmen (Staffer Representative Speier) Ellen Davis, Alli McCracken, and Cathy.

Stories I heard all my life swirling about in my head; instructions to never saying anything about my father being black; how I became my mother’s memory after a red brick fell nine stories landing smack in the center of her head; and then as a child of 12 going out to work selling newspapers door to door in Las Vegas to put food on the table, all those stories and more swelled up from deep within as I listened to one impassioned speaker after another.  And I whom spent a lifetime having been instructed to never cry in public and “keep a stiff upper lip” cried. I cried thinking of Katrina and the trust she put in me, and her stories, stories that she too had kept to herself. And I thought of my beloved husband William too. And I called upon a black woman who served several years in a federal penitentiary to read the Presiding Bishop’s Statement.

Many of you have asked what’s next? First off I will not be taking a break I am only going to come on stronger now.  The pilgrimage is a benchmark in the ministry of Katrina’s Dream to promote th passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.  And just like many doubted that I would make it all the way across the US and many have doubted that the Equal Rights Amendment hasn’t a chance in their lifetime – I know just like I knew that I would make it to DC, I know we are not that long off from the ratification of three more states. Ladies and Gents we are going to come on stronger than ever. The Time in NOW!

Swanson heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee to urge them to move it out of committee

Helene Swanson heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee at the Dirkson Bldg at the US Capitol to urge them to move it out of committee.

So another part of what I have planned next is contacting each and every single US legislator and asking that they co-sponsor S.J. Res. 15 and H.J. Res 51 over the weeks ahead targeting the chair of the Judiciary and several other senators of key importance.  And those that have co-sponsored ask that put on their website  under Women’s Issues  that they have co-sponsored the “ERA Three State Resolution” to demonstrate their support for women’s rights.

This coming September 13th @ 9pm EST Tammy and Cathy are holding their monthly ERA Action National Call and I am hoping that many of you will call in so that we can go over the strategy for the upcoming weekly calls out to our legislators. The call in number is (605) 562-3140 and meeting code number is 787085#

And many of you have asked if I will be writing a book… the answer is yes. The book will be one of my spiritual journey and the difficult decisions I faced in the waked of my late husbands passing and how a simple statements less than two days after my husband’s death at the local church we attended “Don’t worry you find another man, you are young yet”, to surviving a 60 mph sand storm by hiding in a drain ditch brought me closer to the beauty of our earth, and how connecting with a large number of women and human rights activists across the country with each lovingly embracing me in my darkest moments, uplifting me, guiding me, every step of the way.  And praying, indeed praying to God every day to help me walk through aches, pain, and fever; and thirst and hunger when my money ran out months ago, having left with only $200 to my name as I would not – could not – go back to living the life as an oppressed woman in these United States.


Next the herstoric March to the US Capitol has morphed into an annual event. Yes that is correct – the pilgrimage which ended in an amazing march with a dedicated core group of human rights activists and rally to the US Capitol has turned into an annual event to promote the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.  So please continue to invite your friends to our Facebook event page…

Finally and most importantly, I want to thank all of you for making this amazing journey with me.  The love and care shown was emboldening and while most would think I might be tired and want a break I am more energized than ever.  So let’s do this… let’s pass the ERA!

Love and Light in Christ,

Helene de Boissiere-Swanson


From the Welles-Swanson Family to Yours – Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

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Michael Fullam’s Blog – It’s Not About Me.

Dearest Friends,

I a dear family friend wrote this touching post regarding the ministry of Katrina’s Dream.  I am deeply moved by this piece.   Yes it true the Swanson Family is full of love.  It is why I married him… like attracts like…  Take a moment to read Michael’s post and then take a moment to read his blog.  Michael Fullam is an amazing humble and generous of spirit Episcopalian whose lay ministry I deeply respect, and as a social justice his faith based activism for the LBGTQ community has reached many.   .

Love and Light in Christ,

Helene Swanson

An Oklahoma Outlaw Speaks for Women’s Rights

          For the past few days I have been pondering a number of things, in particular, how much coming to Oklahoma has meant to me. Every time I start to write I fondly look down at my wedding ring, a family heirloom. My mother-in-law Katrina gave the ring to my husband to give to me to demonstrate the family legacy, a family duty to serve God and the Church. The ring once the wedding band her grandfather the Rev. Samuel Gardner Welles gave to her grandmother. This same grandfather who had a parish in Chelsea, Oklahoma who under the threat of being tarred and feathered was later run out of Oklahoma for giving Holy Communion to a Black priest at the alter rail. They left in the middle of the night under the cover of a moon light sky. My husband shared that whenever I was troubled to know that many before us had also made great sacrifices. Social justice has always been important to the family. Another relative, a great great uncle had been run out of antebellum Vicksburg for preaching abolition. 

photo 1-1

Picture of moon over the Arkansaw River by Jenk, Oklahoma.  Photo Credit:  Helene Swanson

          So following a long line of social justice activist this pilgrimage comes naturally to me. My pilgrimage is part of my discernment process as I too step into the family shoes. For those of you unfamiliar with the nomenclature of The Episcopal Church discernment is the process one uses to explore their calling to the priest-hood. So as I walk through Oklahoma the connections run deep, and the beauty of both the landscape and her people inspires me.

photo 5

Windmill on the backroad from Prague to Jenks.  Photo Credit: Helene Swanson

          I have met a number of folks and from a wide variety of backgrounds, one fellow a dear gent who identified himself as a former bad boy who got into trouble in his youth was very clear on how he felt about the government being involved in an issue of privacy. His thinking is inline with the Supreme Court which made the ruling in Roe v. Wade, a woman’s health decision one of privacy which is why when those who claim that the Equal Rights Amendment will give women the right to have abortion is a false statement. I invite you to watch this provocative video of An Oklahoma Outlaw Speaks Up. 

photo 2-2

Oklahoma Outlaw Nazi Tattoo Photo Credit: Helene Swanson

          Next many thought that we would not get traction here but we have. Thanks to the assistance of a number of folks who stepped forward. So I am happy to report that the folks who participated in the coalition’s meeting with both Senators Colburn and Inhofe gave a superb presentation. In face Senator Colburn’s staff member Craig Smith said that the Senator was for gender equality. But when pressed if he was going to co-sponsor S.J. Res 15 – the Three State Strategy for the Equal Rights Amendment he said it was broad and they were looking into the issues it would affect.

photo 4

 The Oklahoma Coalition of Equal Rights Amendment Activist. Backrow Erma Steward, Nathaniel Batchelder, Frontrow Pat Riegler, Helene Swanson, and Margaret Cox.  Photo Credit: Sarah

          As a follow-up to these meeting Katrina’s Dream will be forwarding Eileen Davis of Women-Matter’s paper on Roe V. Wade and as we identify other misconceptions that were used in the past to promote fear and are completely unfounded we will continue to pass these on to all we have met with thus far. 


State Senator Connie Johnson and Helene Swanson join forces at the August 26, 2014, Women’s Equality Day Vigil at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, Oklahoma City, OK.  Photo Credit: Margaret Cox

          Also thanks to the staff of Senator Al McAffrey and Senator Connie Johnson it looks like we have a resolutions that will be introduced in the upcoming sessions that will call for Oklahoma to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. I’m delighted to say that our new found friends will be working hard on moving Oklahoma forward.

          Lastly a piece of trivial – Oklahoma is the only state where a Broadway musical is the official state song. The words to the first two lines are appropriate as it relates to the Equal Rights Amendment.

         They are: 

There’s never been a better time to start in life-

It ain’t too early and it aint too late!

photo 3

 Mural on a Freeway overpass in Oklahoma City.  Photo Credit:  Helene Swanson