Sisters in Solidarity

My dearest cousins in France Jean Luc and his sister Sandine have inspired me to go global on this pilgrimage for the Equal Rights Amendment.

This programme Sisters in Solidarity hashtag is #SIS

Here are some more hashtags to use when you tweet about your event: #CEDAW #USA4ERA #WALK4ERA #PILGRIMAGE4ERA #ERANOW #ALL4ALL

if in another country example would be #FRANCE4USAERA #TANZANIA4USAERA

When putting your Sisters in Solidarity Programme together there are a number of options.


This is when you are at home, whether a stay-at home mom or dad, or one who lives an alternative lifestyle, or one who doesn’t hold 9 to 5 hours.  You can participate by yourself or with whomever you have over to join you on your couch.  You can also join in the fun from your space at the workplace or your 10 minute break at anytime.

Simply click on this link to see all the ways you can participate. (This will be up in a few days)

Meanwhile go to the Facebook Event Page the ERA March to the Capitol


This is easy breezy.  Reach out to your family, friends, co-workers, organizations that you are affiliated with and simply hold an event anywhere you choose.

You can support a number of causes that are tied to Women’s Rights and LBGT Rights:

Access to health care – hold an event at your clinic.

In front of the state capitol – has your state ratified the ERA? Is there legislation that discriminates against women or the LBGT community

Be Creative  this is your opportunity to shine, like the star you are!

Being that women ‘hold up half he sky’ (51% of the population) there is not one issue that is not tied to the Equal Rights Amendment.


It is a health matter, yes that right Roe v. Wade matter a women’s health choices one of privacy.

It is a military matter, yes women serve in the military in all branches.

It is an employment matter, just see how Walmart v. Dukes affected workplace discrimination. And now it is being cited as primary authority to dismiss cases being filed by men.

Just a little research and you will see just how important the Equal Rights Amendment is to getting the United States back on track.

Oh and it is a global matter, we need the Equal Rights Amendment in place for Convention of the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women in place.  Violence against women around the world needs to come to an end.  How many children are growing up in households were their mothers are victims to domestic violence.  How many young girls are involved in sex-trafficking.