ERA March to the Capitol – August 26, 2015

Hello Friends,

As many of you know we are rolliing out the details of the August 26, 2014 Women’s Equality Day ERA March to the Capitol taking place in Washington, D.C.   Your support is needed more than ever.

Please go to our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign and contribute what you can and invite your friends to help out too!  Also join our Facebook Cyber Event and participate from the comfort of your couch.  And even if you can’t give that is okay because your prayers will uplift us all and inspire us to do great things for our country.

Love, Helene

Here is the budget for the DC March:

Item/Description QTY Cost Extension Totals
Sound: Speakers, Mics, Controls 2000.00
Staging: Stage, Ramp 800.00
Press Riser 375.00
Banner Hardware 400.00
Rigging 30.00
Generator 350.00
Tables (50) 850.00
Chairs (250) 850.00
Radios for security and stage management 2500.00
Labor: set up tech, engineer, dismantle/strike 4000.00
Total: Sound & Stage, etc. 12155.00
Porto Potties
Special Event Deluxe 20 90.00 1800.00
Special Event Wheel Chair 5 140.00 700.00
Delivery & Pick Up 500.00
Total Porto Potties 3000.00
Office supplies, art supples, printing & copies 1000.00
(includes work station at Kinkos/Staples
Water and snacks 250.00
Banner & Signs (we still use them) 1.00 300.00 300.00
Tshirts staff & Marshals (100) 100 7.00 700.00
Total Budget 17405.00