Open the Floodgates

by Helene Swanson

This amazing pilgrimage I am making across the United States of America for the Equal Rights Amendment is dedicated to my beloved husband Brother William Gaines Swanson who stood by my side and encouraged me to undertake the calling his mother the Rev. Katrina Swanson asked us to undertake in her last year of life. 

Stormy SunsetSunset over the mountains of The Great Basin – Nevada

 I like many others was lost and caught up in the daily affairs of everyday life.  The day he passed into the Hereafter was a miraculous experience, one I hope to share with you more as time goes on.  

Holy Trinity FallonDeacon Nancy Janess of Holy Trinity Church – Fallon, Nevada

William was and still is my best friend and my true love and a tremendous amount of time on this walk I find my self praying in order to cope with the loss. I pray for those I have met along the way, I pray for my friends and my family. And most importantly I pray to understand God more each day.

Scarecrow Ranch FallonSteven Christie of Scarecrow Ranch – Fallon, Nevada

This past week as I walked from Fallon to the small town of Mina I thought I give a try at composing my own prayer.

Wacky Warren CrewOwner Christie and staff of Wacky Warren’s Cafe

and my support person Stella Wright from Fallon to Tonapah, Nevada

Storm ComingDesert storm coming in from the southwest.

Today I share this prayer with you. It is inspired by the beauty which is found in the desert flower which blooms like me in the heat of the day, the bitter cold of the night, winds which top 50+ mile an hour, and freakish rainstorms.

Deep Well TRading PostThe crew at Deep Well Trading Post – Luning, Nevada

But here in the desert there are not only beautiful flowers but beautiful people.

Mina ClubThe patrons and owner of The Mina Club – Mina, Nevada

Alleluia God

Open the Floodgates

of my Heart

of my Mind

So that the Waters of Life 

fill up my dammed up Soul

So that I might join you

in the Hereafter

in the Love and Light in Christ.


Desert BloomA desert bloom by Walker Lake Piute Indian Reservation, Nevada