Helene Swanson shares her experience walking across the USA for the Equal Rights Amendment

Month: October, 2012

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Question No. 1

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Dear Friends,

The other day I dropped my oldest off at the airport on his first flight to Hong Kong to study with a master, like most mothers my heart swells with pride. Having gone to an agricultural college he concerns himself with feeding not only the body but spiritual development as well and not ego driven he shies from this mothers boasting at the café we stop off at enroute. He dreams of taking all that he has learnt at university and his love for the “one” to all, all for all.

Pride, an emotion I thought I left behind on my 500+ mile walk to Washington DC to promote the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.  I am so excited for him.  In the automobile I remind him that if he feels sick to not hesitate to seek out medical attention immediately – you can not put a price on health – and that if he should encounter a hardship whom to go to and be sure to drop by any Anglican Church for assistance and a blessing and a moment of thanks.

I pray to Christ that my son’s journey bears much fruit.

It is truly a blessing to be a part of the global Anglican Communion family.  On my walk from Episcopal parish to Episcopal parish from upstate New York to Washington DC our nation’s capitol the correlation of the health of the church to that of the health of every community over the centuries really hit home in Joppatown, Maryland.  Church took on new meaning for me. God took me to so many places and I met so many people.

Funny, how my son’s journey opens my heart to share my own awakenings.  For all intrinsic purposes I had become so like a solitaire and was selfish in this seclusion.   The quiet I had come to know with each step I took I wanted to hold on to.  So, for the first time since I got back from walking I spoke to friends at the local Indian café on my way to drop my son off.

It was difficult coming out of my cocoon.  I had not wanted to end my walk. The closer and closer I got to DC the closer I drew to God.  I had wanted to walk on further South along the South Eastern Atlantic coast.  And I envisioned walking further still.  I still dream of continuing on.  I hope to share my thoughts on these meditations in the months to come as I prepare for my walk across America.   Emerging.  Imagination.  Equality.

So many new projects have sprung forth. There is so much to catch everyone up on.  So this eblast is doubling as my first blog entry.  See  For now I like to leave you with this short video that I shot at the recent Emerge America luncheon at Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco last week. Featuring keynote speaker Ambassador Madeline Kunin

So, thank you all for being there with me on my walk to DC, which was a huge success.  Your warm wishes were and are much appreciated.  I reflect on these prayers often and feel renewed.   And I look forward to your continue support as I prepare for my walk across the America covering the 15 states that have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.

Love and light in Christ,